The knowledge on this website is dedicated to all those that have been seeking and continually searching for the scriptural revelation and understanding.

The Biblical literature, the greatest metaphorical and prophetic story ever written. Wherefore, the biblical language the earthly stories are not the documentation or the records of actual events, but allegorical concepts concealing spiritual knowledge



"O Earth, Earth, Earth, hear the word of the Lord"

Welcome to Twelveloaves, the web site explaining the mysteries of the word of God. For 2000 years, man hasn't really understood the true meaning and purpose of the creation.

Christ is opening the seals of the book through the hidden knowledge (deeper meanings) of Moses and the prophets giving the true meaning of the Twelve Loaves. The entire scriptures are the teaching to one man through instruction. Christ teaches reconciliation and not elimination of the natural man with the purpose to create a new man through the renewal of the mind. The revelation of Jesus Christ.

The solo aim of this website is to prove that the scriptures were written in a cryptic language, which is hidden within the letter, the true knowledge and revelation of the Word of God. That no man, up to now and for over two thousand years has been able to penetrate, neither the Hebrew nor the Hellenic writings. Moses “the written law”, the Prophets “the oral law” and their fulfilment by Jesus Christ. The Hebrew and the Hellenic writings both must come together in unison for their true meaning and understanding to be revealed




  • “Why did Jesus use 6 stone jars containing 2 to 3 measures?”
  • “Was Adam really the first man ever to walk on this earth?”
  • “Where does all the academic knowledge which is given to mankind come from?”
  • “Why are the Ark's dimensions 300 x 50 x 30 and what is their true significance?”
  • “What does the number ‘144,000' really represent?”
  • “Why does God say “Let Him be Light” and not “Let there be light?”
  • “Why did David buy the threshing floor for 50 shekels and then for 600 shekels?”
  • “What is the process for the renewal of the mind and purifaction of the heart.”
  • “Why is is necessary for Jesus to fulfil The Law and the Prophets.”
  • “Why must one bear the image of the first Adam in order to bear the image of the last."
  • “According to Christianity Jesus died for everyone then why does Jesus command for everyone to bear his own cross and become co-planted with him in his death.”
  • “How can any man today bear witness of the birth of Jesus which happened 2000 years ago, expressed as God manifested in the flesh.
  • “Whom does the scriptures refer to in the quote 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."